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Auto Repair 101 - The Repair Process

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at an auto body shop during the repair process?

There's a lot more involved than you might think. Relax, Route 22 Auto Body has a repair process to return your vehicle to its original condition using high quality product resources and technical support from our hand selected technicians. Below is an overview of the basic repair process. Now you don't have to wonder any longer.


Before any work is done on your vehicle,
Route 22 Auto Body will:

  • Perform a thorough damage assessment

  • Examine the critical safety systems of
    your vehicle

  • Explain/advise you on all repair details and
    answer any questions

  • Gain your commitment for repair

  • Guide you through your insurance
    company claims process
    (if applicable)

The shop will perform the following to
get your vehicle ready for repair:

  • Wash the repair area and surrounding area

  • Complete any disassembly needed

  • Remove emblems

  • Solvent-clean the repair area

Your vehicle will then be prepared for
refinishing by completing the following:

  • Removing the original layers of paint

  • Straightening the frame and welding the
    new panels in place

  • Removing dents, sanding and filling with
    body-repair material

  • Taking steps to protect against corrosion


Now preparations begin for applying the color
coat and clear coat:

  • Vehicle is covered to protect from
    materials used on repair area

  • A primer surfacer is applied to
    guarantee good adhesion of paint

  • Once surfacer hardens, it is sanded
    and cleaned for a smooth finish

  • Paint is mixed using our industry-leading
    digital and conventional color tools to match
    the exact color of your vehicle

  • Color coat is applied to your vehicle

  • Finally, a clear coat is applied to ensure the
  • gloss and texture of the repaired areas are identicalin every way to the original finish

The final steps before your vehicle
is ready to be returned to you:

  • Once the finish is approved, final
    trim pieces are installed

  • Interior is vacuumed

  • Exterior is washed

  • Vehicle is inspected to ensure
    your satisfaction

Your vehicle is ready to be back on
the road with its owner -- DRIVE SAFELY!

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